Sunday, November 27, 2011

Group Project:Creating the Winchester High School App

Using the data gathered from our research develop a 2 paragraph description of the app your group will developto satisfy the needs of the High School. Answer the following questions.
1.What tools will you focus on developing?
2.Why are these tools important?
3.What will you need to learn how to do with Flash CS5.5?
4.How will your groups design truly satisfy the needs of your audience?
5.How are you directly applying the knowledge gained from our research to your application?

Your email to me should also include the names of all the people in your group and their specific roles. Groups will be held responsible for the work of individual members.
The roles required are.
Information Architect-This individual is in charge of organizing the content and creating a organized document which represents the flow of information and the necessary pages and graphics. All information the app will present needs to be considered.
Designer-This individual is in charge of the colors, resolution  and creation of graphics. This person is in charge of the visual look of the app in all aspects.
Programmer/Researcher-This person is in charge of identifying the technology which will need to be integrated into the design. This individual is in charge of getting the technology to work. A research role for this role is also necessary to find proper solutions for problems presented.
Testing & Debugging-This person should assis in other roles but should be skilled in adding the app to a platform for testing and checking all components of the apps functionability. This person should be consistently providing feedback on the process.

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