Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dragonvale By John Costello

John Costello
App Review
March 6, 2012


Dragonvale is a mobile application for iPones and Androids. This game may be misconstrued as a game for little children and youngsters, but if you had played the game you would know that is fun for everyone. This game is entertaining for all levels even if older people might not consider it ‘cool’. But, at my high school it is cool and the only people that think it is not are those without the iPhone who cannot play it, and thus they are just jealous.

In Dragonvale, you have an island and on this island you raise a colony of dragons. It is considered your ‘park’ and visitors come to check it out. In your park you can buy eggs and habitats and decorate your park. You buy these eggs with the coins you earn from your dragons, because as your dragons just sit there, they collect revenue for your park. You can buy the six basic dragons; earth, plant, fire, cold, water, and air. To get the more exotic and rare hybrid dragons, you can put two of your dragons into the breeding cave and wait for the magic to happen.

The amount of visitors in your park increases depending on how your park is doing. One way to increase your amount of visitors is to put decorations and paths around your park because visitors enjoy a beautiful looking park. Another way to increase the amount of visitors is to get more dragons. The more dragons you have, the more visitors you will have. Also, if you have more rare dragons that will attract more visitors. The last way is having high level dragons, to increase the level of your dragons you must feed them and you get the food by planting it on your island.

Another fun feature about this game is that you can visit your friends islands. To find their dragonvale, all you have to do is be friends with them on facebook and dragonvale will automatically make a list of your friends on facebook that also play dragonvale... it will be more than you think. You can visit their islands and send each other gems (which is another form of currency). Overall this game is very fun and people should definitely check it out, weather it be you like to play with cute animals or want to pretend you are starting a business with this park or you just want to fit in and hang with your peeps on you dragonvale, all are reasons to go check this game out.

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