Monday, March 5, 2012

Temple Run App Review By: Rameel Rana

Rameel Rana

Temple Run App Review

Temple Run is a mobile application that is available for download on Apple Devices. Temple run is a game that is designed for people all ages; kids aged 5 to adults aged 20 love playing it. Imangi Studios released Temple Run on August 4, 2011 and it has been a success since. It is a free app so more people give it a try without hesitating. The app is currently on #1 on the TOP Grossing & Top Free downloads in the Apple App Store, which means it has the greatest number of total downloads. The app has 5 stars and has been rated by over 400,000 people.

At this moment Temple Run is only available on the Apple App Store, but will be available on Android very soon. The game is very fun and challenging to play. No skill is required it’s just something you download and start playing. There is a character that is escaping from evil demon monkeys from a temple and you have to control him so he gets as far as possible. Every high school is talking about this app, kids are playing in study halls or whenever they have a second. The features of the game are simple swipe and tilt controls that are easy to use and feel right. Temple Run is built in with a twitter feature and a game center access path so you can compete with your friends. Another pro of the app is that it barely uses battery. Reviews are “Best endless running game in the App Store…. You’ll love every minute”

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