Monday, March 5, 2012

Guitar Toolkit-Diran Dermarderosian


For iPhone

The Guitar Toolkit by Agile Partners is a very useful application for anyone who plays guitar. The app consists of five different pages which each have their own unique function; they are Tuner, Scales, Metronome, Chords and Six String. The tuner function is the most useful part by far because it is a fully functional chromatic tuner that can pick up the pitch of a note that is being played and can tell you to tune accordingly. The next page is titled “Scales” which demonstrates various scales spanning all genres from blues to jazz; you can also adjust the settings of the virtual fretboard to change which key the scale is in.
Then we have the metronome page which is for anyone who has trouble keeping time with what they’re playing it allows you to go from 20 BPM to 300 BPM which is a broad range. Next there is the Chord section which shows chord diagrams of pretty much every chord that has ever existed; it makes it easier to see how the chord should be played since it gives you a picture of the fretboard with dots on the frets that should be played and what finger you should have on that fret. Last but not least we have the Instrument page which is pretty much the settings page where you can change the standard tuning of the chromatic tuner.
All in all I would give the app a favorable review but it is ten dollars so unless you have the money to burn you should look elsewhere.

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